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Car & Van Walnut Blasting in Cambridge

Modern engines tend to be built around direct injection using a dry intake system and injecting fuel directly into the combustion chamber. This configuration can cause the intake valves to get dirtier with built-up carbon deposits formed when trace amounts of engine oil seep past valve seals as a part of normal engine operation and then bake onto the valves. Symptoms such as loss of power, hesitation on throttle response and a decrease in fuel economy can result.

As the fuel is directly injected into the cylinders any carbon build up can not be prevented by the addition of chemical additives to fuel.

Walnut blasting uses pressurised air to inject fine walnut shell granules into the intake. These granules fire at high speed and remove any carbon entirely. Walnut shells are used because they are fairly durable but also quite soft meaning they are strong enough to loosen the carbon build up but soft enough to prevent damage to the intake system.

Not only is this method safe, fast and effective it is also the most cost effective as it negates the need to perform an expensive and labour intensive strip and rebuild of the engine.

Our walnut blasting service starts from £60 + VAT per cylinder, plus the labour costs for removal and re-installation of the manifold.

Walnut blasting can:

Which vehicles can be walnut blasted?

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